Click to access JDF%20494%20Instructions%20for%20Access%20to%20Adoption%20Records.pdf Click to access JDF%20532%20request%20for%20access%20to%20adoption%20records.pdf Colorados law regarding access to original documents used to be a mess. They had all kinds of restrictions based on date of adoption, and offered biological parents the option of having their names removed. However, the state finally acknowledged the unfair application of their laws regarding access.Continue reading “Colorado”

Alabama Adoptees adopted in the state of Alabama may go to the above link for information about applying for their original birth certificate. The fee as of today, 29 June 2021, is a non-refundable $25. What can the adoptee expect to receive? Copied from the actual website: The applicant will receive a copy of theContinue reading “Alabama”