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Why Wounds

Why did I open that first envelope? Among a lot of other Whys, I have been asked this question many times. When you step outside of the culturally accepted bubble, when you challenge a well-entrenched mindset, you are going to be battered by a lot of Whys. The Whys will test your strength, your determinationContinue reading “Why Wounds”

Sowing Self Compassion

How do we take care of ourselves? How do we connect with the deepest parts of ourselves instead of shivering alone in the dark? How do we learn to see ourselves as worthy of kindness? When I began this journey, I often felt like dying. The pursuit of personhood exhausted all of my resources. IContinue reading “Sowing Self Compassion”

Wait, What?!

I don’t remember exactly who the first person was who asked me Didn’t you notice anything strange about your birth certificate? No. No, I did not. I was born in the U.K. I grew up from the age of two in the United States. I don’t think I had even seen my birth certificate untilContinue reading “Wait, What?!”

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