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What does it mean #2

What does it mean when there is an S at the end of the registry entry? I was born in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom’s birth registry provides spaces for the child’s name, the mothers name, the district where the birth is registered, the volume and the page number. On occasion, you will seeContinue reading “What does it mean #2”

What does it mean?

I often see adoptees who have recently received adoption related documents asking What does it mean when…. Reading through our papers is an emotional experience (or, conversely, one where we numb out). Depending on where we are in the process of navigating our adopted state, different details may jump out at us with each newContinue reading “What does it mean?”

The Funk

funk: a state of depression I stare into space, my mind a dust devil of disparate thoughts, whirling around one another. I stare at the stack of documents. I reach out, pick one up , stare at the words, replace it in the pile. Five seconds later and I can not recall what the paperContinue reading “The Funk”

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